Hollow concrete blocks are precast masonry units made out of Op Cement, aggregate, fly ash and concrete mix with 4 hollow cavities and are intended for use in the construction of both load bearing and non‐load bearing wall structures. One can use dry concreting method for manufacturing these hollow blocks using variotronic compaction which is a patented system involving state of the art vibration coupled with compression. These hollow blocks never disintegrate during their lifetime and deliver trouble free performance. It is very easy and fast to
conceal electrical and sanitary service lines within these hollow blocks. The tool required for conducting is double blade wall chaser.

Hollow Blocks


Standard Size:

Product Size
Hollow Block 200*400*200
Solid Blocks 200*400*200
Paver 100*200*60

Advantages of Hollow Concrete Blocks

    • Highly Durable: The good concrete compacted by high pressure and vibration gives substantial strength to the block. Proper curing increase compressive strength of the blocks. Far exceeding ISO codes
    • Low Maintenance, Color and brilliance of masonry withstands outdoor elements.
    • Load Bearing, strength can be specified as per the requirement.
    • Fire Resistant
    • Provide thermal and sound insulation: The air in hollow of the block, does not allow outside heat or cold in the house. So it keeps house cool in summer and warm in winter.
    • Environment Friendly, fly ash used as one of the raw materials.
    • Lower insurance rates.